Ethiopia’s neglected crisis: No easy way home for doubly displaced Gedeos

“Unless the government brings peace, we will die here”

Some 20,000–30,000 displaced people now live in makeshift shelters like these in the village of Gotiti. Tom Gardner/IRIN
Meret Sisay, 18, was forced to flee her home in West Guji twice last year. Now in the village of Gotiti, she lives in a makeshift shelter like thousands of other Gedeos. Tom Gardner/IRIN

‘At night they come in mobs’

Berhanu Seid, 36, is from West Guji, where he lived with his family of eight. Now displaced in the town of Chelelektu, Gedeo, he stays with extended family and receives food aid from World Vision International.
Tegeno Tiba, 86, spent his whole life in West Guji, until nine months ago when he was displaced to Chelelektu in Gedeo. He now lives in an orphanage and survives on food aid. He has not returned home since.
Bekele Worasa, 45, is a coffee farmer and IDP committee leader. Since December, he has lived in a shelter around the Mekane Yesus Church in Gotiti, together with his wife and 11 children.

Changing demographics

Leaders of the IDP committee in Gedeo say several thousand people live in a makeshift shelter near the Mekane Yesus Church in Gotiti village.

Food aid blocked

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