Thailand’s deep south women are on the front lines of peace

‘Someone has to step up. If we are silent and do nothing, then we fail the next generation.’

Anticha Sangchai, a university lecturer in Pattani, started a football league encouraging participation regardless of religion or politics. She and other women in southern Thailand are trying to build peace in divided communities. (Luke Duggleby/TNH)
Four of Pateemoh Poh-Itaeda-oh’s relatives were killed. Now she runs an organisation that helps survivors of Thailand’s southern conflict, and tries to bring communities together. (Caleb Quinley/TNH)

Unresolved trauma

Conflict drives other types of violence

Peace from the ground up

Somjai Chuchart uses her position as a village chief to promote unity between Thai Buddhists and Malay Muslims in her area.

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